About us

Riga Port City is a unique waterfront development project in the centre of Riga - with 4.5 km of riverfront, 55 ha of land and proximity to the UNESCO World Heritage Historic Centre, Art Nouveau district and Old Town, all within a few minutes' walk. The Riga Port City area, which starts on the banks of Daugava at the Vanšu Bridge, then encompasses the area of the current Riga Passenger Port, the Andrejosta Yacht Centre, Andrejsala, and ends in the southern part of the Export Port, is ready for a new era of development.

Riga Port City aims to revitalise the Petersala-Andrejsala neighbourhood in the centre of Riga and realise its potential - to create a waterfront accessible to all by creating an urban-scale development on the waterfront of the capital's centre with all the necessary infrastructure - living, working and service environments, complemented by the historic and modern. 

The vision of the area's development intends to complement Riga's historic centre in the future and improve transport infrastructure, becoming an important business, residential, tourist and recreational location. Riga Port City is planned to be built in phases over a period of about 20 years.

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