The new potential concert hall location sketches can be viewed in Andrejsala

The most appreciated student works of the Riga Technical University (RTU) master's study program have been placed in Andrejsala for viewing. A total of 22 works were developed within the study program, which reflected the proposals for the location of the National Acoustic Concert Hall in Riga. The group of experts established by the Latvian Union of Architects has nominated three potential concert hall holdings, where Andrejsala ranked first in terms of architects' analysis and the number of points obtained.

RTU students developed several projects for Andrejsala, Andrejostas Street 17, which, in the opinion of the expert group of the Latvian Architects' Union, ranked first among the 36 potential acoustic concert hall locations in Riga.

In developing projects, students have taken into account not only the location of the concert hall, i.e. state-owned land, but also developed a detailed plan for the area around Andrejsala, emphasizing the many advantages of this area as the most suitable concert hall placement. In their work, students have also developed ideas for the planning of the adjacent territories, so that in the future the concert hall would also promote the development potential of the whole neighborhood.

"Students of Riga Technical University have designed about 300 acoustic concert hall projects for various places in Riga for 15 years. Andrejsala shows a small part of the whole range of projects. RTU Faculty of Architecture deals with architectural issues important to the city, thus involving future architects teaching staff.

The task of RTU students was to develop project proposals for various locations of the National Acoustic Concert Hall in Riga. In choosing the places, the students relied on a previously carefully researched study within the study program, as well as on the 36 places offered by the Latvian Union of Architects, where they eventually reached the seven most suitable places, including Andrejsala.

Student works in Andrejsala, next to the restaurant "Aqua Luna", will be on view throughout September.