About Krasta Station

On 28 July 2020, the reconstruction of the railway infrastructure started on the section Zemitāni-Rīga-Krasta - the historic railway station "Rīgas Krasta" was disconnected from the common railway network.

This meant that the areas of Andrejsala and Andrejosta were completely freed from port operations, opening them up for further development, ending the coal pollution and wagon noise that had previously been caused by port services in Riga city centre. After a 115-year period, Andrejsala and Andrejosta became part of Riga city centre.

Why was the Krasta Station closed?
The first phase of the project to rebuild the port's railway infrastructure in the Eksporta district included the construction of a new rail link for Riga Central Terminal Ltd, which included a connection to the public railway infrastructure, resulting in the closure of the Riga Krasta station in Andrejsala and a new connection to the feeder roads of Riga Central Terminal Ltd and Signāls P Ltd. The dismantling of the track and the construction of the new track connection lasted from 28 to 30 July 2020.

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