Krasta Station at Riga Port being disconnected from rail network – Andrejsala reunites with Riga center after 115 years

With development at Andrejsala on the territory of Riga Port City underway, SJSC Latvijas Dzelzceļš started a reconstruction of railway infrastructure in the Zemitāni-Rīga-Krasta section on July 28. As a result, the port’s historic coal railway station Rīgas Krasta has been disconnected from the rail network.

It means that all port operations are being relocated from the territory of Andrejsala and Andrejosta, opening these territories up for further development, ending coal pollution and railcar noise, until now caused by port services in the center of Riga city. After a 115-year break, the territory of Andrejsala and Andrejosta will become part of the city center again.

For the reconstruction of the port’s railway infrastructure in the Eksporta area, construction of a new rail connection, Riga Central Terminal, is planned as part of the first phase of the project, which includes a connection to public railway infrastructure, disconnecting the Riga Krasta Station at Andrejsala and constructing a new connection with access lines to Riga Central Terminal and Signāls P. The dismantling of the old rail tracks and construction of the new connection was completed today, on July 30.

Valters Māziņš, Board Chairman of Jaunrīgas Attīstības Uzņēmums:

“This is a historic moment for both Andrejsala and Riga. The port is leaving Andrejsala territory, freeing Riga center and the Daugava riverside for future development. As part of the Riga Port City development project, Andrejsala is completely disconnected from Latvijas Dzelzceļš infrastructure and freight trains will not be running here anymore. Of course, from this moment Riga Krasta Railway Station ceases performing its previous functions, providing new opportunities for this historic building and the whole territory of Andrejsala. After the sections of rail tracks are removed, a new railway line will be constructed to the port, connecting Riga Central Terminal’s rail infrastructure with public railway infrastructure to ensure continued freight transportation to the port. We have decided to document this historic moment in video and photo and hand the footage over to Riga City Archive.”

Māris Kleinbergs, Board Chairman of SJSC Latvijas Dzelzceļš:

“Railway is one of the most environmentally-friendly means of transport, and SJSC Latvijas Dzelzceļš is constantly looking for new solutions to organize freight shipping so that it caused as little harm to residents and the environment as possible, Already since the spring of 2019, coal is being shipped to the terminal in Krievu Sala, thus removing these operations from the city center, and the disconnection of Rigas Krasta from the rail network is like the final stage in reducing pollution in the Riga center.”

The common goal is to prepare the territory of Andrejsala for future development, reducing pollution risks like coal dust and noise levels, as well as improving environmental quality for the residents of Riga Port City and surrounding territories. We are freeing a territory in the very center of Riga, bringing it back to residents and guests of Riga.