RIBOCA announces the key locations for its second edition

Following Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel’s curatorial concept the venues reflect different aspects of the cultural and architectural history of Riga and its surrounding areas, juxtaposing a highly industrialised site in the city with the idyllic, leisurely resort town of Jūrmala. Several restaurants will also become participating venues. Overall, RIBOCA2 will span an area of 178,254 m2.

RIBOCA2 district. The territory of the former industrial port of Riga, Andrejsala, Andrejostas iela 17/k-6

The first venue for RIBOCA2 unfolds across Andrejsala (“Andrew's Island”), an entire

district of Riga that spans over 15 hectares of a territory previously used as an industrial port on the bank of the Daugava river. Comprising indoor and outdoor spaces, the venue remains in close dialogue with its industrial surroundings, characterised by an abandoned electric power station, ports, granaries, empty lots, hangars and a railway station. As a location in flux between its former industrial history and potential rebirth, Andrejsala’s context calls us to reimagine ways of inhabiting the world when all signs call for a new epoch.

The former Summer Residence of the Union of Architects of Latvia Rīgas iela 50/52, Jūrmala.