Hotels and office spaces planned for Andrejosta

“For us as the owners of Andrejosta territory, this project has been evolving organically, the territory being on the very bank of the Daugava. The river-front for a long time has been used as a Yacht port and service point before specific area development plans were in place. Our goal is to preserve these traditions. Therefore, in the project, we firmly stick to the decision that the waterfront will be green and accessible to pedestrians, public functions and recreation, as well as we’re considering all possibilities to actively use the water area itself,” announced Uģis Stīpnieks, SIA RJC Andrejosta project manager.

Development plan of Andrejsala and the adjacent territories has been in force since 2003. At the same time, on the opposite side of the Andrejosta water area, an international design competition for the development of this area was announced for the territory of the passenger terminal, in which Uldis Lukševics and his architectural firm NRJA won. U. Lukševics is also the author of the three buildings planned in the development project of Andrejosta.

In the area, the client plans to build two hotel buildings with an office center between them, also a public promenade on the waterfront. "Currently, sketch projects have been agreed for the buildings and the next step is technical design. It will take at least 18 months for a project of this scale. The start of construction will be no earlier than after this time and after receipt of the necessary approvals. It is still too early to talk about the amount of financial resources required for the project at this stage – there will be more clarity about that after receiving the design results,” informed U. Stīpnieks.